Improving the system for survivors…

Even with her hectic campaign schedule, Jerilyn took the time to travel to Sheboygan this morning to train law enforcement, prosecutors, advocates, sexual assault nurse examiners, and victim/witness specialists on improving the criminal justice system response for survivors. Her commitment to giving these professionals the tools and resources they need to do this work is… Continue reading Improving the system for survivors…

Early voting!

Early voting is already running in Manitowoc and opens on Monday in Two Rivers. Just go to the appropriate City Clerk’s Office during normal business hours. Every vote counts! Please share with neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers!

What a gem!

This afternoon, my daughter and I went to a birthday party at the Rahr-West art museum. What a gem. We’ve attended three birthday parties there, including our oldest daughter’s, I’ve officiated a wedding there, and of course there’s SputnikFest every fall, and I am awed every time.  

Kids At Hope

I am very excited about Kids At Hope. This is something I’m committed to, for the sake of every child. I believe that all children are capable of success. No exceptions! MISSION Kids at Hope inspires, empowers and transforms schools, organizations serving youth and entire communities to create an environment and culture where all children… Continue reading Kids At Hope